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  • Emanuela Di Rosa

How to Boost your Online Sales with eCommerce Localization

How to Boost your Online Sales with eCommerce Localization

10 years ago, who would have thought that shopping online would become so popular that online shops would almost replace physical stores?

Today, new technologies and a pandemic seem to have turned the world upside down, changing life, work, and even shop habits. And now that eCommerce has spread across the globe, online retailers have been investing in eCommerce localization to boost their sales.

But how can localization help your eCommerce in doing so?

Here we introduce you to the benefits of eCommerce localization and the best options offered by the translation market.

1. Think Globally and Get Global Customers

If you want to scale your business to reach a global audience, you should make your website accessible in as many languages as possible.

After all, how can customers get to know your brand’s identity and buy your products if they can’t make heads or tails of what’s written on your website?

But a mere translation of your online store just won’t be enough: localization, instead, will help you to translate, not only the language but also every cultural reference within the language.

2. Show Customer Care and Offer Localized Content

Language and culture are the keys to reaching your customers’ hearts, which is why it is essential you localize some features that have cultural implications. Here are a few:

  • Clothes and shoe sizes: US, EU, UK… so many different sizes! When it comes to buying clothes and shoes online, customers’ main worry is getting the wrong size. But if your sizes are localized according to the local market conventions, your customers will feel more confident.

  • Payment and currency: Customers need a familiar payment method instead of some unknown portal they have never heard of. Plus, they don’t want to waste time converting currency or calculating exchange rates. Your eCommerce should offer a payment method that is used in your customers’ country and options to switch currency. By doing so, the most delicate part of online selling (the payment) will be smooth for your customers… and for you, too.

  • Customer service: If customers experience an issue, they must get all the help they need without any miscommunication. Keep in mind they might already feel a bit upset; they don’t need a website that will redirect them to another landing page in another language, causing them to feel even more frustrated. Offering customer service in their language will reassure them and will build their trust in your online shop.

  • Celebrate local festivals and holidays with your international customers! Nothing is better than celebrating with your loved ones! You can be part of your customers’ local festivals and holidays by offering them a selection of products specifically created for the occasion. Your customers will love your eCommerce even more if they can buy something they can use for their celebrations!

3. Choose the Best Localization Service

One last way to show your customers you care is to choose high-quality localization. eCommerce vendors usually choose one of the following three options:

  • Big localization agency: Retailers often trust big localization agencies as they offer a pool with a consistent number of linguists (often freelancers), and quick service. These pros are enticing indeed, but they may turn into cons if the agency has too many clients, too much workflow, and offers too low rates to its linguists. This could lead to automated translation to speed up the process, resulting in a rushed and flawed localization of your eCommerce.

  • In-house team: Some eCommerce vendors have an in-house team of linguists that are constantly supervised and provided with style guides and feedback. This solution is definitely advantageous as you can manage your own pool of translators that will connect with the brand’s identity and tone of voice better than anyone else, but it is also quite expensive. Unless you are a big company that sells luxury products, it is unlikely this solution will be cost-effective.

  • Boutique localization agency: What if you found a middle ground between the previous options? A small or boutique localization agency combines a tailored service that is also cost-effective and quick. Having less workflow can offer you high-quality localization. Plus, thanks to its small pool of dedicated linguists, a small localization agency will give your eCommerce that personal touch it needs to make your brand stand out.

We can do all the above and we would be happy to! So, if you’re ready to boost your sales and reach global markets, feel free to contact us and we will arrange a free consultation.

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