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  • Emanuela Di Rosa

6 Reasons to Hire a Small Localization Agency for your Indie Game

6 Reasons to Hire a Small Localization Agency for your Indie Game

When it comes to localization, improvising is not an option; so, if you are planning to translate your game into multiple languages, the choice you will make will be relevant to the success of your project.

But the translation market offers countless solutions: how can you avoid getting lost in it? Consider a few reasons why hiring a small localization agency is the best fit for indie game publishers.

Effective Communication

Big LSPs often have a lot on their plates: the bigger they are, the more clients they have, making it difficult for them to manage all the inquiries and ensure responsiveness and quality at the same time.

Smaller LSPs, instead, can give all their attention to quick and effective communication with clients, understanding their requests, and responding to them accordingly.

Sleep soundly, then: with small localization agencies, your emails won’t end up at the bottom of the inbox!

A Dedicated Team

You will be assigned a single contact person —the project manager— who will act as an intermediary between you, the translators, and the other linguists involved in the localization process.

Whether you have questions, doubts, or last-minute changes, the project manager is there to assist you, find the best solution, and guarantee smooth communication and flawless localization of your game.

Human Translation

Being an indie game publisher means that machines and software are your daily bread, and while we agree that they can be translators’ best friends too, we know for a fact they can also turn into our worst enemies when it comes to game localization.

Sadly, many big LSPs are turning to automation and MTPE instead of a proper human translation; they have so much workload that they speed up the process at the expense of quality.

But MTPE or fan translations just won’t do the trick: if you want gamers to have fun with your game in a language that doesn’t sound too ‘robotic’ and forced, a human touch is what you need for your translation.

Small LSPs carefully select experienced game translators, going the extra mile to provide you with high-quality localization and a personal touch.

After all, there is a human behind the console, so it seems fair to show them there is a human behind the game’s translation too!

Tailored Localization Solutions

End-to-end TEP + LQA, translation, editing, localization, you name it: a small LSP knows what is best for your project.

They work with smaller pools of translators; therefore, project managers are aware of their linguists’ skills and areas of expertise, and they will be able to ensure that your requirements are met.

Wider Audience, Wider Success

To connect with gamers, you need to touch their heart. One of the ways you can do that is by localizing your game into their native language. The more languages you include, the wider the audience will be. As a result, you will be able to reach new global markets. Since this is a very delicate process, attention to detail, customer care, and professionalism are essential.

Better Reviews

Is there anything more satisfying than receiving positive feedback or a good review after putting so much care and work into creating your indie game?

Good reviews are better than advertising: in fact, reviews are other gamers’ first-hand experiences.

So, it's quite simple:

High-quality localization = More global players = Better reviews.

To sum up, if you want to localize your game and want a simple and fast process, a dedicated team, and a personal touch, small localization agencies are what you are looking for.

We are here to take care of all these aspects, so you can focus on what you do best: developing and launching your game!

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