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5 Lessons Rock Climbing Can Teach Us About Localization

5 Lessons Rock Climbing Can Teach Us About Localization

Rock climbing and localization don’t seem to have much in common, right? However, it is surprising in how many ways this amazing sport can help us to improve our localization skills. In this article, we will summarize a few of them.

1. Overcome your Fear of Falling...

…And of failing!

For most of us, the fear of falling is always there when we climb, especially at the beginning. The more experienced we are, the more familiar we become with falling, and we see that, after all, it is an essential part of this activity we have to face sooner or later.

Similarly, beginner linguists often fear not being good enough, making mistakes… But our confidence increases as we gain more experience. Also, we learn to get up and try again after a failure.

2. Cooperate, don't Compete

Today’s world is all about competition. However, for freelance linguists and small localization agencies, having a healthy network is essential. Do not hesitate to share a piece of advice with that colleague who is trying to get into a new specialty, or to ask if you have a question about a particular expression!

The same happens in rock climbing. At the gym or on the crags, there will always be somebody willing to lend a hand. This chill environment allows you to observe other climbers, improve your skills, and of course, share your expertise.

3. Try Something Different

How many times have you found yourself stuck on a boulder problem? If you’re a climber, you know what we are talking about. And you probably know as well that very often, you just have to try a different approach.

This applies to localization too! If something doesn’t quite work out well, maybe you need to rephrase it, or place it somewhere else.

4. Take Breaks

Both in rock climbing and localization, taking breaks once in a while is vital. Let your body and mind recover, go for a walk, have a cup of coffee… Do whatever you like, you will feel reinvigorated when you come back to it.

5. Stretch Out!

It’s funny how both physical exercise and sitting in front of a computer have certain similar results on our body: we get stiff, and we risk suffering cramps or even more serious injuries. Remember to stretch out after all your climbing and localization sessions!

We hope you have enjoyed this post! These are just a few examples, but you can probably think of many more. If you’d like to have a chat about outdoor sports localization, drop us a line.

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