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What services do you offer?

We offer localization solutions for a variety of industries, especially software, game, website & eCommerce, marketing and outdoor sports localization. Although our solutions are tailored for each specific case, our localization workflow is based in the three-step process known as TEP (Translation, Editing and Proofreading).

What is TEP?

TEP stands for Translation, Editing and Proofreading. This three-step process is a common practice in the localization industry, intended to ensure high standards of quality. In our case, our creative translators complete the first version of your localized content, which is afterwards reviewed by our experienced editors. Finally, the edited version is proofread to double check that it is ready to go.

Do you offer Machine Translation Post-Editing?

No, we don’t offer MTPE services. Although we acknowledge it can be useful in some cases, in our experience it is not good enough for creative industries, such as marketing, software or game localization. When used in these industries, it is often an excuse to pay linguists lower rates for a very similar work, as the overall quality of the output can sometimes be so poor that they end up rewriting almost everything.

How do you set your rates?

Our rates are based on several factors, including the complexity, deadline, word count or language combinations of your project. During and after your initial free consultation with us, we will analyse your specific needs and provide you with a personalised quote.

I'm interested in your services. What should I do?

That’s an easy one! Just press the button below and book your free, no-obligation consultation.

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