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At Sunstone Localization, we believe that the main goal of a localization strategy must be to enable an effective communication with your target audience. To achieve this, we guide you through all the steps of your localization journey, from your initial free consultation with us to the delivery of the outcome. We are experts in software, game, website/eCommerce, marketing and outdoor sports localization, so do not hesitate and book your no-obligation consultation today.



Although we offer tailored localization solutions for each specific case, our localization workflow is based in the three-step process known as TEP (Translation, Editing and Proofreading):

First step: translation


First, our skilled team of creative translators completes the first version of your localized content.


Second step: editing


Then, our experienced editors review the initial translation. Their well-trained eye focuses on improving the overall quality of the text, including style, consistency, grammar, cultural relevance…


Third step: proofreading


Finally, the edited version of your content is proofread to double check that it is ready to go.


This process ensures that you only receive a high-quality localization service, and you can implement your translated content immediately after receiving it back from us.

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